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BnT  : Mochizuki Midori by misshuini BnT  : Mochizuki Midori by misshuini

 thanks for accepting me!!///// I'm open for rps anytime /// 7 ///!
just drop me a note and we can talk about life rp methods from there or smth


:icondesusenpaiplz:    :iconbudou-no-toshi:     :icondesusenpaiplz:  joined for the senpies


Name: Mochizuki Midori
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Weight: 47 kg / 105 lb
Birthday: 21/03 ( March 21st)
Blood type: A
Height: 5'2" / 157 cm
Age: 18
Grade: III
Club: Soccer Club / Cooking Club

Naturally warm and genial, Midori does well to maintain a positive outlook on life. She enjoys good company, and tends to make frivolous conversation to pass the time. Behind that steely fortress of optimism is a self-conscious, boyish girl who worries too much about how others may perceive her. She feels the need to fit into a stereotype, so she does her best to act the part of a delicate, elegant young lady. However, equipped with a rather childish (crude) sense of humor, Midori is prone to laugh at ridiculous and inappropriate jokes, breaking the illusion that she tries so hard to keep up.

In truth, she can be dishonest, and rather selfish when it comes to important matters. In front of strangers, Midori tends to say what she thinks people would like to hear, rather than vocalize her own thoughts; the consequences of speaking one's mind have tripped her up one too many times, so she prefers to play it safe and keep her true thoughts hidden. She is also very persistent, willing to drop everything -- even loved ones -- in order to chase the object of her desires. There have been instances in the past where she had lost a few friends due to her tireless pursuits.

She is an avid hedonist. In the face of temptation, Midori is helpless. Adventure, romance, tragedy-- she wants it all. Having grown up in the same city all her life in a safe community in a small bubble, Midori has developed a taste for something a little more exotic.

+ Small animals, big dogs
+ Karaoke
+ Laughably bad movies (i.e. Sharknado), bad jokes/puns/etc.
+ Stories
+ Almonds
+ New years eve
+ Festivals
+ Biking, Hiking
+ Baking sweets
+ Details

- Locker rooms
- Her height
- Being scolded
- Seafood
- Doctors
- Pessimism
- People who seem flawless
Physical Attributes:
-Long, wavy black hair with cool undertones
-Dark brown, nearly black, eyes
-Fairly petite in height
-Very little curves

Midori has lived in Koshu all her life. Her mother is a business woman who deals with the wine exports in Koshu; the father is a househusband who busies himself with cleaning the house and making meals. The Mochizuki house is always full of energy, whether it be Papa Mochizuki steam cleaning the carpets or the her two younger brothers running around and causing mischief. Midori is very close to her family. Most of the time she can be found at home, sharpening up her cooking skills.

Her younger years were quite uneventful, yet filled with simple pleasures. Summers revolved around fruit-picking and Midori often played with the neighboring children and got along with her peers. She was, as most children were, energetic and wildly curious about the world around her. 

During middle school and the beginning of high school, Midori was notorious for her irresponsible relations with many, many guys. She would move on quickly from boy to boy. Having unrealistic expectations about love, Midori would be disappointed very soon into the relationship. It wasn't until her 2nd year that she matured a little, and stopped her futile search. But by then, other girls already had developed a great distaste against Midori. A few ugly rumors spread about her indecent behavior. And, of course, it hurt. Several of her closest friends distanced themselves away from her over time.


-Mochizuki Ayame [Mother, 46] A cultured woman who has traveled a bit in her youth; she is Midori's role model. Ayame believes that her daughter dreams too big, wants to grow up too fast, so she tries to keep Midori at bay and away from that kind of life.

-Mochizuki Yoshiro [Father, 51] Kind. Loving. A good father who dotes on his children. However, he lacks the ability/drive to discipline his children which is troublesome when it comes to difficult situations. Usually it falls on either Midori or Ayame to lay down the law for the two younger brothers of the Mochizuki family.

-Mochizuki Takashi [Brother, 14] Awkward. Stubborn. Irritable. The smart one out of the three siblings. He's going through puberty at the moment, which is not pretty. Midori likes to tease him a lot because he makes the biggest reactions.

-Mochizuki Sora [Brother, 9] A mischievous, curious little fellow who enjoys being in the center of attention. Midori sees a younger version of herself in him.

-Watanabe Susumu: [Neighbor, 16] Next door neighbors. Midori finds him amusing.

-Hana: [Akiba Inu, 4]: A very large, playful dog who still thinks she's a puppy. Takashi and Midori are responsible for taking her on walks while Yoshiro (usually) does the feeding and bathing.

Additional Info: 

- Low metabolism. She used to be a tubby kiddo.

- Has a "mom" bag, complete with bandaids, tissues, disinfectant, and healthy snacks.
- Not the best student. She does poorly in math and science and history-- but she's working hard to get better grades so that she can get into a university in a big city.
- Takes forever to get ready in the morning
- A jack of all trades; she tries to do everything (photography, writing, painting, singing), but is pretty unremarkable in all aspects except for athletics and household duties (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
- Wears a little make-up even though its against school rules.
- She was named after the beautiful green scenery that Koshu is known for. 
- Special skill: Can pick up anything with chopsticks like ice cubes and eggs
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